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              Supply Chain Solutions
              Transportation Solutions

              XPO is your single-source provider for a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. We're ready to help you succeed.

              Warehousing and Distribution

              Dedicated, multi-client and public warehousing operations, as well as forward stocking networks, all offer a wide range of value-added service options.

              Manufacturing Support

              Kitting and sequencing, assembly, POU delivery and inbound logistics management programs assist in maximizing production.

              Materials Management and Procurement

              Worldwide networks that facilitate self-regulating, consumption-based processes tailored to your requirements.

              Reverse Logistics and Repair

              Consistent processes that decrease cycle times, ensure accurate warranty disposition and maximize value reclamation.

              Supply Chain Consulting

              Collaborative consulting and engineering that deliver actionable solutions – everything from process enhancements to distribution network design.

              Omni-Channel Fulfillment

              Retail and e-commerce fulfillment, specialized technology and extensive warehousing and distribution capacity protect brand loyalty.

              Aftermarket Support

              Solutions that improve the customer experience and enhance product uptime through an effective aftermarket supply chain.


              Full-services packaging capabilities as standalone or turnkey solutions, including experience with FDA, EPA, Kosher and AIB standards.

              Lead Logistics Services

              The optimal blend of functional sourcing, with a single control point, to align global supply chain activities with long-term business strategies.

              Transportation Solutions

              XPO is your single-source provider for a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. We're ready to help you succeed.


              National drayage capacity drives down cost through network design, consolidation, mode shifting and scale.


              XPO facilitates time-critical, high-value or high-security shipments, usually on very short notice. XPO provides three types of expedite service: ground transportation via a network of independent contract carriers; air charter transportation facilitated by proprietary, web-based technology that solicits bids and assigns loads to aircraft; and a managed transportation network that is the largest web-based expedite management technology in North America.

              Freight Brokerage

              XPO uses its extensive brokerage services to procure independent trucking carriers, and manages the process using cutting-edge, proprietary technology. In North America, XPO has a brokerage network of approximately 38,000 vetted, independent carriers representing a million trucks. XPO also has a truck brokerage service in Europe, which utilizes a blended capacity of owned fleet and independent carriers.

              Global Forwarding

              XPO facilitates freight shipments by ground, air and ocean for origins and destinations within North America, to or from North America, or between foreign locations. Services are provided through a network of market experts who provide local oversight in thousands of key trade areas worldwide. XPO’s global forwarding service can arrange shipments with no restrictions as to size, weight or mode, and is OTI and NVOCC licensed.


              As the third largest intermodal provider in North America, XPO facilitates long-haul, containerized shipments by rail, often with a drayage (trucking) component at either end. Rail transportation can be less expensive under certain circumstances and is always more fuel-efficient than long-haul trucking. Rail is also a key mode of transportation in and out of Mexico, where the manufacturing base is booming due to a trend toward near-shoring.

              Last Mile

              XPO facilitates the delivery of goods to their final destination, most often to consumer households. XPO specializes in two areas of last mile service: arranging the delivery and installation of heavy goods such as appliances, furniture and electronics, often with a white glove component; and providing logistics solutions to retailers and distributors to support their e-commerce supply chains and omni-channel distribution strategies. Capacity is sourced from a network of independent contract carriers and technicians.


              XPO's less-than-truckload network offers fast, dependable and damage-free LTL service with an industry-leading reputation for on-time pickup and delivery. We cover 99% of all U.S. zip codes, including Alaska and Hawaii, with deep capacity and over 400 service centers.

              Managed Transportation

              Highly efficient solutions that drive down cost through improved network design, consolidation, mode shifting and other methodologies.


              XPO provides ground transportation of cargo for an amount that requires the full limit of a dry van trailer, either by dimensional or weight limit. In North America, the cargo limits are 53 linear feet or a 44,000-lb. weight capacity; in most of Europe the limits are 13.5 linear meters (44.3 feet) or 34 tonnes authorized loaded weight (European law, except where mega-trucks are allowed or capacity is restricted). Truckload cargo typically remains on a single vehicle from the point of origin to the destination, and is not handled en route.
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